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dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Boris Delone

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The book of abstracts of the conference can be downloaded by the following link.

The Russian and the English posters of the conference can be downloaded by clicking on the correspondent link. Note that the size of each poster is approximately 28 MB.

The following participants preliminary agreed to give a plenary talk:

Eiichi Bannai (Kyushu University, Japan) "A survey on spherical designs and Euclidean designs". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Imre Barany (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics, Hungary and University College London, United Kingdom) "Extremal Problems for Convex Lattice Polytopes". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Dmitry Burago (Penn State University, USA) "Boundary rigidity, volume minimality, and minimal surfaces in $L_{\infty}$: a survey". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Frederick Cohen (Rochester University, USA) "On the polyhedral product functor: a method of decomposition for moment-angle complexes". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Alexander Gaifullin (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Sets of links of vertices of triangulated manifolds and combinatorial approach to Steenrod's problem on realisation of cycles". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Peter Gruber (Vienna University of Technology, Austria) "Packing and Covering of Convex Bodies".

Deok-Soo Kim (Hanyang University, Korea) "The Quasi-triangulation and The Beta-complex: Theory and Applications". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Mikiya Masuda (Osaka City University, Japan) "Cohomological rigidity problems in toric topology". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Yuri Matiyasevich (Saint-Petersburg branch of Steklov Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg) "What can we do with Diophantine problems and what we cannot do". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Yuri Nesterenko (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Effective results in diophantine equations".

Vladimir Platonov (NIISI RAS, Moscow) "Number-theoretical properties of hyperelliptic fields". The video of this talk available at the following link.

Sergey Yuzvinsky (University of Oregon, USA) "Resonance varieties of arrangement complements, Milnor fiber, and Bernstein polynomials". The video of this talk available at the following link.

The following talks were selected by the Programm Committee for the section "Geometry":
Victor Alexandrov (Sobolev Mathematical Institute, Novosibirsk) "Algebra versus analysis in the theory of flexible polyhedra".

Yuri Aminov (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraine) "On submanifolds of negative curvature in Euclidean spaces".

Etsuko Bannai (Kyushu University, Japan) "Tight $t$-designs on two concentric spheres in $\mathbb R^n$".

Karoly Bezdek (University of Calgary, Canada) "Illuminating Ball-Polyhedra".

Evghenii Boico, Ivan Gutsul (Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Moldova) "On fundamental polytope of isometry group of hyperbolic space".

Sergey Buyalo (S-Petersburg branch of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, S-Petersburg) "M\"{o}bius geometry of the boundary at infinity of complex hyperbolic spaces".

Florin Damian (State University of Moldova, Moldova) "New tilings of hyperbolic spaces and new manifolds that arise by a manifold reconstruction".

Vladimir Dol'nikov (Yaroslavl' State University, Yaroslavl) "On the Covering Theorem of Bezicovich".

Robert Erdahl (Queen's University, Canada) "Minkowski sums of Voronoi Polytopes and Commensurate Delone Tilings".

Dirk Frettloeh (Bielefeld University, Germany) "Delone Sets - Diffraction and the Cut-and-Project Method".

Alexey Garber (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Combinatorial diameter of parallelohedra".

Vyacheslav Grishuhin (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS, Moscow) "Delone tiling and Voronoi conjecture".

Jin-Ichi Itoh (Kumamoto University, Japan) "The cut loci and the conjugate loci on n-dimensional ellipsoids".

Yoshiaki Itoh (Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan) "Random Sequential Packing of Cubes".

Ivan Izmestiev (Technical University of Berlin, Germany) "Infinitesimal rigidity of convex polyhedra and the discrete Hilbert-Einstein functional".

Petr Makarov (Moscow State Mining University, Moscow) and Vitalii Makarov (Moscow State University, Moscow) "On the enumerating of Archmedian polytopes in Lobachevski space".

Oleg Mokhov (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Consistency on cubic lattices for determinants of arbitrary orders".

Chie Nara (Tokai University, Japan) "Unfoldings of Doubly Covered Polyhedra and Space-Fillers with Minimal Surface Area".

Viacheslav Nikulin (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow and the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom) "The transition constant for arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups".

Gaiane Panina (Institute for Informatics and Automation, S-Petersburg and S-Petersburg State University, S-Petersburg) "Singularities of saddle spheres".

Alexandru Popa (Continental Automotive, Moldova) "On axiomatic parametrization".

Vladimir Protasov (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Invariant polyhedra for families of linear operators".

Andrei Raigorodsky (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Borsuk and Nelson -- Hadwiger problems for spheres".

Marjorie Senechal (Smith College, USA) "Delone Sets and the Homometry Problem".

Mikhail Skopenkov (Institute for information transmission problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) "Tiling by rectangles and discrete inverse problems".

Anton Shutov (Vladimir State Humanitarian University, Vladimir) "Quasiperiodic tilings and cubic irrationalities".

Iskander Taimanov (Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk) "Surfaces in three-dimensional Lie groups".

Alexey Tarasov (Institute for Systems Analysis RAS, Moscow) "The Tammes problem for N=13".

Elizaveta Zamorzaeva (State University of Moldova, Moldova) "On the study of dihedral folding tilings of the sphere" (in Russian).

The following talks were selected for the section "Geometry" for a short 15-minutes communications:
Arseniy Akopyan (Institute for Systems Analysis RAS, Moscow) "The extremal spheres theorems".

Evgenii Avksentyev (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Metric properties of Poncelet polygonal curves".

Rostislav Devyatov (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Examples of neighborly polytopes of dimension $D$ with $D+4$ vertices".

Andrey Gavrilyuk (Moscow State University, Moscow) "On Voronoi conjecture for parallelohedra".

Elena Gorskaya (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Approximation of convex sets by projections of convex polyhedra".

Andrey Kupavskii (Moscow State University, Moscow) "The chromatic number of a normed space".

Alexander Magazinov (Moscow State University, Moscow) "On the number of biLipschitz classes of Delone sets".

Evgenii Marinin (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Local criterion for crystallographic tilings of Euclidean plane".

Eugeny Olin (Kharkov National University, Ukraine) "The normal curvature of hypersurfaces is Hilbert geometry".

Andrey Voynov (Moscow State University, Moscow) "On the convex self-affine sets and p-radius of linear operators".

Tatyana Zvereva (Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Cheboksary) "Translated directions on the surface of the conformal space".

The following talks were selected by the Programm Committee for the section "Topology":

Petr Akhmetiev (IZMIRAN, Troitsk). "Geometric approach to stable homotopy groups of spheres: abelian and quaternionic structure for mappings with singularities". Revised and extended version (updated on 29 of March 2011) available by this link.

Anthony Bahri (Rider University, USA). "On the KO-theory of toric spaces".

Yaroslav Bazaikin (Sobolev Mathematical Institute, Novosibirsk). "On a new family of explicit Riemannian SU(4)-holonomy metrics".

Daniel Burns (University of Michigan, USA) "Toric Degenerations and Exact Bohr-Sommerfeld Correspondence".

Vladimir Chernov (Dartmouth College, USA). "Causality in space-times, Low conjecture and the partial order on Legendrian spheres".

Suyoung Choi (Osaka City University, Japan). "Real Bott manifolds and acyclic digraphs".

Graham Denham (University of Western Ontario, Canada). "Enumerative problems for logarithmic forms on hyperplane complements".

Natalia Dobrinskaya (VU Amsterdam, Netherlands). Loop spaces for manifolds with group actions.

Samuel Gitler (CINVESTAV, Mexico). "Cup products in generalized moment-angle complexes".

Dmitry Gugnin (Moscow State University, Moscow). "On the cohomology length of branched coverings".

Shizuo Kaji (Fukuoka Univeristy, Japan). "Equivariant Schubert calculus of Coxeter group I_2(m)".

Roman Karasev (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow). "Estimates of Z_2-index of the Grassmanian G^n_{2n}".

Askold Khovanskii (Independent University of Moscow, and University of Toronto, Canada). "Moment polyhedra, semigroup of representations and Kazarnovskii's theorem".

Shintaro Kuroki (KAIST, South Korea). "On the cohomological rigidity of toric hyperKaehler manifolds".

Lev Lokutsievskiy. (Moscow State University, Moscow). "Finite group actions on aspherical spaces".

Santiago Lopez de Medrano (UNAM, Mexico). "Intersections of quadrics, moment-angle manifolds and connected sums".

Zhi Lu (Fudan University, China). "A differential operator and tom Dieck-Kosniowiski-Stong localization theorem".

Andrei Malyutin (S-Petersburg panch of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, S-Petersburg). "Quasimorphisms, random walks, and knots".

Alexander Mishchenko (Moscow State University, Moscow). "Signature of manifolds with proper action of a discrete group and the Hirzebruch type formula".

Luis Montejano (National University of Mexico, Mexico). "Topological Transversals".

Vladimir Nezhinskij (S-Petersburg State University, S-Petersburg). "Links of graphs".

Yasuzo Nishimura (University of Fukui, Japan). "Constructions of 3-dimensional small covers".

Crichton Ogle (Ohio State University, USA). "Polynomially bounded cohomology and the strong Novikov conjecture".

Hiroshi Sato (Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University, Japan). "Cones of effective two-cycles on toric manifolds".

Thomas Schick (University of Goettingen, Germany). "The topology of positive scalar curvature".

Anvarjon Sharipov. (National University of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan). "On the isometries of foliated manifold".

Vladimir Sharko (Institute of Mathematics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine) "Manifolds with torus action".

Georgiy Sharygin (AESC Moscow State University, Moscow). "Characteristic classes of simplicial manifolds: combinatorics, electric circuits and homological algebra".

Arkadiy Skopenkov (Moscow State University, Moscow). "Classification of embeddings below the metastable dimension".

Svjetlana Terzic (University of Montenegro, Montenegro). "Toric genera of homogeneous spaces and their fibrations".

Stephen Theriault (Aberdeen University, UK). "Homotopy decompositions of gauge groups and applications to moduli spaces."

Yuri Ustinovsky (Moscow State University, Moscow). "Complex structures on moment-angle manifolds".

Alexander Veselov (Loughborough University, UK and Moscow State University, Russia) "Gaudin subalgebras and stable rational curves".

Takahiko Yoshida (Meiji University, Japan). "Torus fibrations and localization of index".

Rade Zivaljevic (Institute of Mathematics SANU, Serbia). "Discrete and continuous complexes and posets in topological combinatorics".

The following talks were selected by the Programm Committee for the section "Algebra and Number Theory":

Viacheslav Artamonov (Moscow State University, Moscow) "On Symmetry Groups of Quasicrystals".

Alexander Bruno (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow) "Simultaneous Diophatine approximations and generalizations of the continued fraction".

Oleg German (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Transference inequalities for Diophantine exponents".

Sergey Gorchinskiy (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow) "Parameterized differential Galois theory".

Oleg Karpenkov (Graz University of Technology, Austria) "Multidimensional Gauss Reduction Theory for conjugacy classes of $SL(n,{\mathbb Z})$".

Nikolay Moshchevitin (Moscow State University, Moscow) "Khintchive's and Jarnik's Diophantine results and their extemsions".

Denis Osipov (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow) "Picard groupoids and reciprocity laws on algebraic surface".

Vladimir Parusnikov (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow) "On convergents of continued fractions to the closest even number".

Vladimir Popov (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow) "Discrete Complex Reflection Groups".

Antonio Calixto de Souza Filho (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil) "Alternative algebras with hyperbolic unit loops".

Nadezda Timofeeva (Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl) "On a compactification of moduli of vector bundles by trees of bubblings of the surface: arbitrary rank case".

Alexey Ustinov (Khabarovsk Division of the Institute of Applied Mathematics of Far Eastern Branch of RAS, Khabarovsk) "On reduced bases ditribution for two-dimensional integer lattices".

The following talks were selected by the Programm Committee for the section "Applications":

Igor Bogolubsky (Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna) "Extended Strings: comparison of topological defects and solitons".

Alexander Bruno (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow) "Power geometry as new mathematics".

Nikolai Dolbilin (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow) and Masaharu Tanemura (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan) "Delone-Hopf Triangulations in a 3-sphere".

Peter Engel (University of Berne, Switzerland) "The Combinatorial, Contraction, and Affine Types of Parallelohedra".

Vladimir Garanzha (Computing Center RAS, Moscow) "3D reconstructions of synaptic structures of central neurous system using Delaunay partitionings".

Alexey Gurin (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraine) "On Delone-Alexandrov system of points".

Vladimir Klyachin, Alexander Shirokiy (Volgograd State University, Volgograd) "The estimation of gradient approximation on Delaunay triangulation" (in Russian).

Yuri Kordyukov (Institute of Mathematics with Computational Center USC RAS, Ufa) "Adiabatic limits and problems on distribution of integer points".

Mikhail Kovalev (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow) "Multilayer model in optics. New analytics results" (in Russian).

Satoshi Kuriki (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan) "Tube method -- An integral-geometric approach to statistical distribution theory".

Alexander Lozhkin (Izhevsk State Technical University, Izhevsk) "About definition of singular transformation by N.V. Efimov" (in Russian).

Andrey Maleev (Vladimir State Humanitarian University, Vladimir) "Periodic packings of d-dimensional polycubes".

Mikhail Monastyrskii (Alikhanov Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow) "Hecke surfaces and duality transformations in lattice spin systems".

Oleg Musin (University of Texas at Brownsville, USA) "About optimality of Delaunay triangulations".

Evgenii Scepin (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow) "On geometry of Peano Curves".

Mikhail Shtogrin (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow) "On the boundary of spider's axis order in the locally regular Delone points system" (in Russian).

Yoshinori Teshima (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan) "Continuous deformation extending over three sphere packing structures: simple cubic lattice, body-centred cubic lattice and face-centred cubic lattice".

Yoshinori Teshima (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan) "Creating real 3D models of mathematics".

Yuri Voytekhovsky (Geological Institute of KSC RAS, Apatity) "On the Geometry of Fullerens".

Rien van de Weygaert (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute University of Groningen, Netherlands) "The Delaunay Tessellation Field Estimator for Cosmic Structure".

Due to a large amount of submitted and accepted talks we will be unable to run all the program of the Conference in one stream. There will be a division into subsections during some days of the conference.